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Don’t Buy Cheap Horse Halters

halter-bridleMoney is a significant factor in most people’s decision-making–all day, every day. It’s more important at some times than at others, but it is important. Very, very few people have so much money to spare that they don’t give cost any thought. Because of this, it’s often tempting to buy things cheaply if we think it will save us money over any significant period of time.

However, it’s best not to buy cheap horse halters. In a short time frame, cheap might work fine. After time passes, however, the problems begin to show themselves.

Cheap halters are made of inexpensive materials. That doesn’t always mean they’re bad materials, but it does mean they are likely to wear and tear much faster. The more you use the halter and your horse wears it, the faster it will degrade, and you’ll be forced to either continue with a shoddy halter, constantly trying to find ways to mend it, or buy a new one, which defeats the purpose of having gotten the cheap one, originally.

These materials are often not great for your horse’s skin and coat. As they get filthy and worn, they also irritate your horse’s muzzle and ears. Your horse is more likely to develop skin problems in those areas with a cheaply-made halter.

Some of these things could be avoided if you stock up on cheap horse halters, or make a halter out of some rope. However, you could get more than one well-made, attractive, lasting halter for the same price and save yourself, and your horse, from the many issues that could arise from relying on cheap ones.

Get affordable, durable, personalized halters from Kustom-Fit Halters. We understand that you want your halters to be more than attractive; you want them to be strong and reliable.

A New Horse Halter Can Replace Your Old One That is Starting to Rust

horse-594191_1280Horse halters have metal components on them. Depending upon the type of metal, the quality of the horse halter, and the way in which the halter is used, your halter may be starting to have rust on the metal parts. If your horse halter is beginning to rust, this can look unsightly and it can be unpleasant to have around when you are riding your horse.

If you have noticed rusting problems with any of the metal components on your horse halter, you should strongly consider shopping around for a new halter. You want the new horse halter to last a long time without causing similar problems, so you should shop Kustom Fit Halter to get a very high quality horse halter with solid brass fittings. Check out the different options that we have available for halters so you can see how high quality they are, and so you can make the choice to get a beautiful horse halter that will stand the test of time.

Choosing a New Horse Halter as a Gift

If you have someone who you care about who owns horses, a custom halter can be a great gift for your equestrian friend.  You can shop the custom fit horse halters available at Kustom Fit Halter today to find the perfect present, which your friend is sure to love.

horse-823516_1280A horse halter is a practical gift because the halter is necessary to have effective control of the horse. It can also be a fun and enjoyable gift when you purchase a custom halter and you create a design just for your friend and his or her horse. You can select colors and styles and you can rest assured that the halter will look great and be made of durable material designed to last.

When you have decided a new horse halter will be a good gift to provide to your friend, start shopping at Kustom Fit Halter to find the perfect present.

A New Horse Halter is Perfect for Spring Riding

The dawn of the spring season likely has you and your horse ready to go out and enjoy some long rides. Spring is a beautiful time to take your horse out on a long ride so you can go into the woods and enjoy the new blooming flowers as the new season arrives. You want to be ready for spring riding Portrait of a sports brown horse.and make sure your horse is ready, too, so you can take advantage of all of the beauty that nature has to offer.

To get your horse ready, consider the purchase of a new custom halter. You may want a new halter if your horse has outgrown the last one, if the hardware is rusting, or if your existing halter is dirty.  Kustom Fit Halter allows you to create the perfect halter that is designed for your horse.  Check out your options and order your halter today so you will be ready for spring rides.

Should You Buy a New Horse Halter?

horse-1006586_1920Horse halters are something every horse owner should own. If your old halter is no longer working out for you, you will need to make a purchase of a new horse halter.  You may need to buy a brand new horse halter if the fittings on your old horse halter are not in good shape any more. When the metal parts start to become rusted, it is time to upgrade to a new horse halter.   If the halter itself has started to become worn or frayed or if it is dirty and it is not able to be cleaned, this can also be an indicator that it is time for you to purchase a nice new halter for your horse.

Kustom Fit Halters has a great selection of horse halters. You can customize your halter, and ensure that it looks the way you want and fits your horse. Start shopping today to learn more.

A New Horse Halter for a Growing Horse

horse-1006586_1920When you get a new pony, you need to use a halter that fits the size of the pony so the pony becomes comfortable with wearing the halter and so you have the control that you need as you get to know your new horse.  As your horse grows, however, you may need to purchase a larger-sized halter so that you can accommodate the horse as his or her size increases.

Finding a halter that is the right size for your growing horse can sometimes be a challenge. Fortunately for equestrians, Kustom Fit Halters has the perfect solution for your halter needs. Kustom Fit Halters has horse halters that are available in a wide variety of standard sizes designed to fit most horses, even as they grow older and get bigger.  If you do not find a halter that is the perfect fit for your horse, you can opt for a custom size so you get the right fit. Contact Kustom Fit Halters today to learn more.

Why Get a Custom Horse Halter?

horse-594191_1280There are a lot of horse halters for sale, but when you start shopping you may decide that getting a custom halter is your best bet. There are a lot of reasons why getting a custom horse halter from Kustom Fit Halters is going to be a good option for many horse owners and horse lovers.

One of the most important reasons for a custom halter is that you can make sure the halter fits your horse exactly. However, there are also aesthetic reasons for getting a custom fit halter as well. When you purchase a custom halter from Kustom Fit Halters, you can make sure that you have complete control over exactly how the halter is going to look. You can choose different colors for the halter, which will be made in a strong and durable material that is going to look nice for a long time to come. You can even opt for a monogram if you want one.

Learn more on our website.

Choose a High Quality Horse Halter

When you are looking for a horse halter, you do not want to compromise on quality. You need to make sure that the horse halter is made out of a substantial and heavy material so that it will not break when you are out with your horse. You want to ensure that the horse halter looks nice so that it is an attractive part of your riding gear. You want solid brass hardware so that the hardware on your halter does not rust or become damaged over time. You also want to make sure that your horse halter fits comfortably on your horse. halter-bridle

At Kustom Fit Halter, you can find everything that you are looking for. You can even design your very own special halter that fits exactly as you need it to if your horse is not comfortable in a standard sized halter. Start shopping today to find the ideal halter for your horse.

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Why Choose Kustom-Fit For Your Horse Halter?

When it comes to outfitting your horse, you will surely only want the best products and brands available. And with the multitude of different companies and options out there, it can sometimes be hard to select the right one. So what sets one horse halter company apart from the others? Personalization as well as performance, of course.

At Kustom-Fit Halters, you are given complete customization control to pick exactly what your horse’s halter will look like. All decisions from the colors of the halter to the monogramming on it, if desired, are left up to you so that you can design the perfect halter for your horse.

The perks of Kustom-Fit halters don’t stop at looks, however, but continue on to the actual functionality of the halter. Every single halter is made extremely durable, ensuring the safety of you and your horse at all times. With a Kustom-Fit halter, you won’t have to stress about looking good or staying safe.

So visit Kustom-Fit Halters online today and get to spoiling your four legged friend.

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Make Sure Your Horse is Secured

While a good horse owner will do everything he or she can to give a horse as much freedom to roam and graze as they possibly can, there are times when you are going to have to secure your horse. A few examples include:

  • During transport—It’s crucial that your horse be properly secured in the trailer during transport. Failure to do so could prove disastrous and devastating.
  • During grooming—To make sure your horse is properly groomed, it may prove necessary to secure your horse so they don’t move around too much.
  • While saddling—Not every horse is going to sit still while you place a saddle on their back. Proper securing will make sure they do.

While we are best known for our personalized horse halters, we carry other useful equipment for horse owners. Need help making sure your horse is secured correctly and safely? Check out our durable trailer ties by clicking here.