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A Dog Collar for Every Occasion

Dog lovers are everywhere and we like to have our canine companions with us wherever we go, if we can. Anywhere they’re permitted, you’ll certainly find someone with a dog. Beyond normal places where animals play, people also include their dogs in important life events. Dogs have been known to be in weddings—even as a ringbearer—at funerals, at baby showers and welcome-home-baby celebrations, and much more. It makes sense to have a range of dog collar options for various occasions.

Is your dog attending a wedding? A white collar might not be the best optiondalmatians-765138_1280 for daily wear because it becomes dirty easily. However, if your dog is attending a wedding, it’s a good way to make the dog look nice for the occasion. If he’s participating in the ceremony, you could even have his title—such as Ringbearer—or even information—the Johnson’s Wedding, April 2017—embroidered on the collar. It would be a nice souvenir from the big day.

This is true for any event. If you’re taking a trip and want to make sure your pet has a clean collar with clear information printed on it, have an extra, clean one. If you’re having a birthday party for your dog, get a colorful, new collar for the occasion. There is no end to the reasons for having more than one collar in many colors, and with any information on it you want.

Dog collars get filthy very easily. This is yet another reason to have a selection for your friend. When one gets dirty, put on a clean one while you wash the other. This way, your dog will always have a fresh collar available—personalized with necessary information—without risk of wearing a dirty, irritating collar.


Dog Collar vs Harness

Many dog owners have voiced an opinion over which is better—a dog collar or a harness. Plenty also own both; they may use the collar to keep the dog’s tags on and the harness for walking. The debate over one being better than the other has not yet been settled.

What can be said is that all dogs are different. While a collar may work for one, another may need a harness. Size, age, and personality all play a role in how well a collar or harness works for a dog.2T Clr 02

One important question to answer when deciding upon a collar or harness is, “How does the dog act on a leash?” If a dog is unwieldy on a leash, then a collar might not be the best option. A dog that constantly pulls will choke itself and may develop a more serious neck problem if the pulling is constant enough. If the dog is very large, this could be even more of a problem; the more weight on the collar, the harder the pull, and the more discomfort for both your dog and you. In cases like this, a harness is best.

However, some find that collars work just fine. Harnesses can sometimes be difficult to fit on dogs of odd sizes. They also require more work to put them on and you may not want to leave them on all of the time.

That is why many dog owners choose to use both.  The standard collar is perfect for constant use; you can keep the necessary tags on as required by law and use it with the lease if you want. If you prefer to walk with the harness, you can put the harness on without having to remove the collar.

Because many people leave collars on all day, every day, they get dirty. Replace your tired, worn dog collar with a new, strong, and colorful personalized one from Kustom-Fit Halters.

Choosing and Using your Dog Lead and Collar

dog leather leashYour dog’s lead and collar are essentials for urban living. You have to maintain control of your pet for his or her safety; it is also the law in many places. There are many types of collars and leads from which to choose, and many ways in which to use them. As a dog owner, you want to go about choosing and using your dog lead and collar in a manner that’s best for your pooch.

The Basics of Leads and Collars

A simple lead and collar will do for any owner who isn’t too concerned about how well the dog walks. If your dog gives you no trouble while out walking—he doesn’t pull you when trying to get out in front of you, or lunge at people and other dogs passing by—then you may have no need for anything special to keep him safe. A basic lead-and-collar set is just fine for happy, obedient dogs.

A Martingale collar, on the other hand, may be helpful if you experience trouble when walking your dog. When used properly, it helps you correct your dog’s behavior, or keep it in check. With a tug, the collar tightens briefly, letting your dog know he needs to stop what he’s doing. It’s important to use it properly so that you don’t hurt your dog. Martingale collars can be sold separately, or they make be sold in the form of a lead-and-collar combination.

Overall, when choosing and using your dog lead and collar, the important thing to remember is how well your dog handles. If you have concerns about your dog’s actions or health, you might want to consider something more than a simple lead and collar. Whatever you do, you want the best. Come see our leads and collars at Kustom-Fit Halters.

Three Benefits to Getting a Brand-New Dog Collar

pug-690566_1280If you have a dog and your dog has had a collar for a while, it may be time to upgrade to a new one. There are a lot of advantages associated with getting your dog a brand-new collar. One of the biggest benefits is that you can pick out new colors and a new style. You may be bored with the old collar over time.

A second big benefit to getting a new dog collar is that your new collar will be clean. Dogs like to roll in stuff and make a mess. A new collar will be nice and clean, with no dirt or odors. Finally, the third big benefit to consider is that your new collar will be in good condition and not as prone to becoming loose or breaking as an older collar.  You should check out different collar options at Kustom Fit Halters today to find a great new collar for your pup so you can begin taking advantage of these benefits.

Don’t Use a Dog Collar That is Too Old

2T Clr 02Your dog is an important member of your family and it is your obligation to keep your pet safe. One of the big risks for pets is that they will end up getting loose and running away, or being hit by a car. You don’t want this to happen, so you have to keep your animal securely attached to you whenever you are walking. You need to have a good dog collar so that your dog does not end up coming out of the collar and escaping his leash.

Unfortunately, over time, even a good collar can become a bad one. The prongs on the latch of the collar can weaken, creating the risk that your dog will come loose. The collar itself could also end up getting looser, so it more easily slips over your dog’s head. You don’t want to take a chance on that happening so you should invest in a new collar from Kustom Fit Halters if your dog’s collar has begun to get too old.

A New Dog Collar Can Make for Safer Summer Walks

animal-portrait-234836_1280Summer is a nice time to be outside with your pup, but you want to make certain that your animal is very safe.  This means ensuring that the collar on your puppy or dog is just the right fit. If your dog is growing or has lost weight from all of the fun summer walks that you have been taking, you don’t want your dog to have a problem with the collar coming loose or being too tight. During the heat of the summer, it is especially important that the collar not pinch your dog’s neck and make it harder to breathe since the heat can already make some dogs pant.  If you are going for long summer walks, you also want your canine to be comfortable.

Aside from the fit of the collar, you also need to make certain that it is kept secure so the clasp on the collar does not open up. You should look into whether your collar still closes tightly and think about getting a new one if it doesn’t.

When it is Time to Get Your Puppy a New Collar

pug-690566_1280When you have brought a puppy into your life, you know all of the fun and all of the challenges that can go along with being a new dog owner. Puppies are a handful and they need lots of walks in order to work off their excess energy so they don’t become bored or destructive. Walks will also help your canine companion to learn the ways of the world and not to be afraid of unfamiliar situations.

If you are taking your dog for a walk, however, you need to make sure your animal is safe–which means having a good collar. Puppies will grow bigger, so you could buy a collar and then your dog could end up outgrowing it shortly thereafter. If your dog’s collar has gotten too tight and you can’t easily fit two fingers in between the collar and neck, it is time to start looking for a new collar for your pup at Kustom-Fit Halter.

What to Do When a Dog Collar Gets Dirty

animal-portrait-234836_1280When your dog is out and about in the world, it is inevitable your dog’s collar will get dirty. Dogs like to roll in things and get themselves muddy and get into all kinds of mischief because it is in their curious nature to do these things. Unfortunately, this can mean that their collars get very dirty, very quickly.

If you are a dog owner, you don’t want a dog with a dirty collar running around your home. You want your dog’s collar to look nice and clean and to be easy for you to keep tidy. If your dog’s current collar cannot come clean easily when it has gotten dirty, you should look into a new custom dog collar. You can find a collar in a variety of colors you can choose and you can personalize the collar to make sure your dog’s information is on it. The collar will also be washable so you can keep it clean for a long time.

Tips for a Successful Walk With Your Dog

walking-the-dog-273526_1280When you have a dog, walking your dog is one of the most fun activities. However, you want to make sure that you and your dog are both safe.

One of the most important tips for a successful walk is to make sure your dog has a collar that is going to stay on and ensure the dog does not get lost. The collar should be the correct size, and it should have a buckle or a clasp that is sturdy and that will not come undone even if the dog pulls. Kustom-Fit Halter Co. has custom dog collars available so you can find a high-quality, well-made collar that is going to keep your dog by your side.

You also want to ensure your dog has a leash so you don’t lose your pet. A six-foot leash gives you good control and the ability to watch your dog while still giving room to roam, although some people prefer longer, retractable leashes to give their pets more freedom. The choice is yours.

What is a Good Color for a Dog Collar?

dalmatians-765138_1280There are many different color options when it comes to a collar for your puppy or dog. You can choose virtually any color of the rainbow when you purchase your collar from Kustom-Fit Halters. Because you have so much freedom and flexibility to buy a collar that looks the way you want it to, you may end up having a hard time making the choice of exactly what color collar you want to purchase.

When you think about what color dog collar is the right choice for you, you may want to opt for a darker color if you hope for a dog collar that will not show dirt very well. Dogs get into stuff and collars can get dirty. Of course, Kustom-Fit Halters collars are all washable nylon, so if you would prefer a lighter color, you can have that too. There’s no limit, so just pick your favorite color or a collar that looks good with your dog’s coloring and you are good to go.