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Should You Monogram Your Dog’s Collar?

2T Clr 02When you purchase a custom dog collar for your dog from Kustom-Fit Halters, one of the options that you have available to you is the option to have the collar monogrammed. Many people decide that monogramming the collar makes sense because the monogram can serve a practical and important function.

When you monogram your dog’s collar, you can put your dog’s name on it. That way, if your dog ever gets lost and the dog is found by someone, the people who locate your animal will know what the dog’s name is and will be able to call him more easily. You should also include your telephone number on the dog’s collar. The people who find the dog can give you a call so you can be reunited with your beloved canine companion. A monogram can make a big difference in ensuring your dog gets found if he ever gets lost. Learn more.

Why Have Your Dog Collar Monogramed?

When you buy a custom dog collar from Kustom Fit Halters, you can have the collar monogrammed. You can put your initials, your dog’s name or other information that you want to include on the collar.

There are a lot of reasons why you may want to have the collar monogrammed. You may want to put your dog’s name or identifying information on it in case your dog is lost and someone needs to help identify him.   You may also want to put your dog’s name on the collar so that you can tell which of your dog’s it belongs to. If you have multiple dogs and collars that look the same, you could put the wrong collar on the wrong animal. If they have different size necks, this could mean one collar was too loose and the other was too tight.

Of course, monogramming your dog’s collar also helps to make the collar more special and more uniquely yours, which is also a big benefit. Get your monogrammed collar at Kustom Fit Halter so you can start enjoying all of these perks.

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Start the New Year with a Fresh Collar

As 2014 comes to a close, not only do we look back on a wonderful year, but we look forward to a new year full of new beginnings. But it’s important to note that these new beginnings aren’t reserved for us humans — our 4 legged friends are journeying with us as well.

A New Dog Collar for 2015

2T Clr 02So how can you help your pooch start 2015 off with a bang? Easy. Give him a fresh start with a brand new, personalized collar. Here at Kustom-Fit, we have plenty to choose from, with options from monogramming to adding snazzy bling. Just think—you could even monogram the collar with “2015” to symbolize the fresh beginning.

And of course, they all come with a lifetime guarantee. You can’t beat that!

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Custom Collars Can Provide a Better Look

If you are looking for a great looking dog collar, a custom collar may be the right choice for you. A custom collar gives you much more flexibility to make the collar look just the way that you want it. You can select the colors that you would like to put on the collar so that the collar is in the style you like and that looks good with the colors of your pet’s fur.

2T Clr 02You can even decide that you want to have the custom collar engraved, which will make it even more special because it will belong only to your beloved dog.

Look around at the wide variety of different options you have when you choose a custom dog collar from Kustom-Fit Halter Co. today so that you can see the benefits of putting in a custom order. You will be delighted with the collar that you get and your dog will be proud to wear it.

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Monogram Your Pet’s Collar to Ensure Their Safety

If it’s about time to get your pet a new collar, you should definitely consider getting it monogrammed. A monogrammed collar will not only look super stylish on your pet, but will also help ensure the safety of your four-legged friend. This is because normal collar attachments, such as dog tags, can easily fall off or accidentally detach from the collar. If this happens and your pet gets loose, people will not be able to tell who the pet belongs to, nor the correct number to call.

With a monogrammed collar, however, all important information can easily be displayed right on the actual collar itself. This means that unless the entire collar were to fall off, anyone who finds your pet will be able to return them home to you safely. Forget the worry and stress of wondering if your pet is safe at home, and invest in a monogrammed collar to ensure it.

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Get a Monogramed Lead to Match Your Dog Collar

If you purchased your dog a collar that is monogrammed by Kustom Fit Halters, you might be feeling like your lead is boring by comparison. But don’t worry—this problem is easily fixed. For an affordable price, you can still become that cool, stylish owner that everyone else envies. All you have to do is get your credit card and follow these simple instructions:

  1. Go back to our home page at
  2. Choose the lead category and browse our offerings.
  3.  Select the one you like.
  4. Pick the color, length, monogram color, and what you would like it to say. Remember, monograms are only  $0.50 per letter or number.
  5. Click add to cart and pay.

Free Shipping

For a limited amount of time, all shipping in the U.S. is FREE. Don’t fail to take advantage of this cost-saving opportunity.

So hurry and follow our easy steps to become the most fashionable dog owner on the block!

Monogrammed Dog Collars- They’re Just Plain Cool

There are a lot of reasons people give for buying monogrammed dog collars. They are practical, of course, since they can identify your dog as belonging to you and your family. They are customizable, they create a good fashion statement and they can reflect your personality and your dog’s personality.

While all of these reasons are valid reasons to buy a monogrammed dog collar, there is also another reason too. Monogrammed dog collars are just plain cool. You and your pooch will look very sharp walking down the street as your dog sports a monogrammed dog collar with your chosen monogram on it. Your collar will be unlike any other and your monogram can be designed to look just the way you like it.

If you are ready for you and your dog to become the talk of the dog park, order your monogrammed dog collar today from Kustom-Fit Halter Co. LLP. 

3 Ideas for Monogrammed Dog Collars

Thinking about ordering a monogrammed dog collar but not sure what to put on it? Here are a few ideas on what to do.

  1. Your contact info—Sure they make those tags with owner contact information, but think about how often those get ripped off. What you might consider instead is having that information monogrammed directly on the collar. That way, unless your dog loses his entire collar, should he get lost, others will know how to get him home safely.
  2. Your dog’s name—It’s your dog’s collar, so let him take ownership. Monogram his name for all to see. It’s also a great idea should anyone need to call his name, say in a fight at a dog park or something.
  3. A clever message—Some owners like to include some sort of clever message on their dog’s collar. The thing is, the possibilities are endless.

And of course, your go-to company for all of the customization options is Kustom Fit Halters!


2 Options for Personalized Dog Collars

If you’re out searching for personalized dog collars, here’s what you already know:

  • You can monogram your dog’s name on them.
  • You can find a better selection online than anywhere else.

But you may not be aware of some of the other options available to you. When you go to, here are a few options you’ll enjoy in respect to personalized dog collars:

  1. Kwik Collar—Great for young animals that are going to grow quick. This collar features easy adjustments. It also has a quick release buckle on the side, making it easy to get on and off.
  2. Two Tone Collar—You don’t have to have a single color collar in order to monogram your pooch’s name on it. This collar, which happens to be the most popular style, has two contrasting overlays for a stylish, clean look.

What are you waiting for? Your pooch will love our selection of personalized dog collars. And so will you! 

Monogrammed Dog Collars and More You’ll Find from Online Pet Supply Companies

Sometimes companies that exist only online don’t get the advertisement and attention they deserve. Case in point—online pet products dealers. Do you know of any? Have you ever ordered something like monogrammed dog collars online? Maybe. But if you’re like most people, you shop for these sorts of pet products at your local pet store.

We’re here to offer you a new option.

Rather than climb in your car, waste your gas and time, and head down to the pet store, why not just pull up a search engine and find your pet products online? It’s simple, really.

For example, say you’re looking for monogrammed dog collars. All you need to do is type the phrase in the Google search bar and you’ll have hundreds of suppliers right in front of you. A few minutes of browsing and you’ll be placing your order. It’s simple. Never leave the home—never even leave your computer!