Side Pull Halter/Bridle

The perfect alternative to using reins without a bit, the Kustom-Fit side pull halter/bridle allows for training a young horse or enjoying an older horse without the discomfort caused by using a bit.

In addition to allowing the attachment of reins to the side rings, these halters offer you three choices of lead rope attachment: no-pull; center-pull or side-pull. With the no-pull option the lead rope attaches under the chin and the halter function like any other flat nylon halter. With the center-pull option, the lead rope attaches under the chin and when the lead is engages, there is extra pressure applied to the top of the nose, which can provide you with a little extra leverage. With the side-pull option, the lead attaches to the on-side of the halter, and when the lead is engaged, the noseband cinches around the nose and provides you with much more leverage. Pulling from the side alters the animal's balance enough that even the most stubborn horse or mule will need to move forward.
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